A Bluff?

At The UN HQ

For many years, we believed that the United States had the power to control the United Nations, but now we know that it was huge bluff.

After the success of Palestine in joining UNESCO as a full member, the Palestinian people are split into two camps. Most of them were happy, but some still have doubts.  “Why now?” they ask.  And, “What will happen next?”

Palestinians have learned not to trust the resolutions from the United Nations related to the Palestinian issue. They feel that the US government always supports Israel and uses their influence inside the Security Council to make the resolutions –more or less- to the benefit of Israel.

Each member of the UNESCO has to donate to the organization in order to have membership, and those who don’t donate for two years in a row lose this membership. This money is not a fee. It funds the organization’s activities around the world. If the US doesn’t pay, it will obviously affect cultural and educational program worldwide.

The US tried to use this money as a threat, to prevent UNESCO from accepting Palestine, but I think it was nothing but an empty threat. A bluff.

*What do you think?


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