Wish for Independence

Ramu Domodaran, Deputy Director Outreach Division, Department of Public Information, at the UN

“My work with the United Nations began with something that, if not personally, was nationally very close to me,”  said Ramu Domodaran, Deputy Director, Outreach Division, Department of Public Information, at the UN, in an interview last week. “The ideal of a struggle against colonialism, the wish for independence, and the assertion to nationhood. And I think this is something that I’ve been fortunate to see triumph again and again during my UN career.”

When asked about the significance of the DPI Programme for Palestinian Media Practitioners, Mr. Domodaran became animated, pointing out the importance of a strong press in the midst of transition.

“Palestine is a society in the making,” he said. “It’s been through enormous political, social, economic and even humanitarian hardships and in a society like that it’s very easy to neglect the press or the media, or to think of information as a luxury.”


“But the fact that you have this vigorous media in Palestine, and the fact that the United Nations can be a part of that vigor and that process, I think shows that it is as integral to the nationhood and development process as any other pillar,” Mr. Domodaran concluded.

*What do you think about the media in Palestine? How can the United Nations best support free press?

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