The Man Behind the Speeches

Richard Amdur, Senior Speech Writer for Secretary-General of the United Nations

When Ban Ki-Moon speaks, the whole world listens …. the Secretary-General of the United Nations is one of the most famous faces in diplomacy, but the man behind his words is far less known.

Richard Amdur is a Senior Speech Writer in Office of the Secretary-General of the United Nations. His job is to help the Secretary-General tell the UN story. It’s an increasingly important job as the world becomes more and more interconnected, he says.

When asked about the situation in the Middle East Mr. Amdur said, “It’s very inspiring at times and still troubling in many ways– the suffering that people go through. I hope that the UN can be a constructive presence, a constructive actor for people who want democracy, who want freedom, who want economic opportunities, who want to live in peace.”

“The people are in control,” he continued. “It’s their priorities, it’s their aspirations. I hope that somehow they can work together for long term peace, development and stability and dignity for everybody.”

We’ll look forward to hearing Mr. Amdur’s contributions in Ban Ki-Moon’s upcoming speeches.

Click here to view the Secretary-General’s  speeches on various topics.

Check out the Secretary-General’s recent speeches regarding Palestine. What do you think?

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