Why Multimedia?

“Why multimedia now? It’s the recent media and the future media,” says Rafa Musmar, a visiting journalist from Ramallah, Palestine. “It gives you the power to say: I can be more open. I can present my case more openly, more professionally and at the same time more clearly.”

Ms. Musmar is one of nine Palestinian journalists who participated in the month-long DPI Training Programme for Media Practitioners at the United Nations this November. Each participant brought a wealth of experience to the project to share with their peers. At the same time, they tried new media formats and enhanced existing skills.

Working in production teams, the journalists conducted on-camera interviews with UN officials and other experts in New York and Washington, DC. Their reporting made connections between the work of the UN and the realities that they face on the ground in Palestine.

Three of the journalists share a piece of their personal stories in these short films:


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