ANERA’s Bill Corcoran – A Shade of Humanity

During the last few days there have been more than 950 strikes on Gaza. The violence has especially effected schools and refugee populations. Last week I met with one American organization trying to address these concerns.

“We try to improve lives in Gaza and the West Bank because we believe that they deserve a better life,”said Bill the President and CEO of American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA),while talking passionately about ANERA’s work in the Palestinian territories.

ANERA works on improving education, water, sanitation and quality of life for those living in the Palestinian territories by implementing various programs. ANERA reaches out to local and international organizations, NGOs and INGOs in Palestine to be more effective.

ANERA has 60 employees in the Palestinian Territories– 59 are local Palestinians and only 1 is a foreigner. This helps benefit more Palestinians and give them the chance to be more productive and offer them jobs.

ANERA tries to convey the message of American solidarity with Palestinians. They hope to improve people’s lives regardless of who they are. They try their best to remain professional by addressing humanitarian needs and avoiding political interests.

How much do you know about ANERA? What are the pros and cons of ANERA in your opinion?

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