Palestinians and Americans Creating Change Together

“The Fund works on changing American views toward the Palestinian cause by showing the reality of the Israeli Occupation to the Americans citizens,” said Yousef Mnayer, Executive Director of the Jerusalem Fund for for Education and Community Development in Washington, D.C.

The Jerusalem Fund was established in 1977 by the Palestinian-American academic, Hisham Sharabi, in order to provide cultural and educational assistance to the Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian territories, and to increase understanding of Palestinian issues in the United States. In 1991, Sharabi established the “Palestinian Center” to be the intellectual and cultural institution of the Fund.

Mnayer spoke of how the Fund “increased its human activity during the second Intifada which erupted in 2000 against the Israeli occupation, in order to help the Palestinian steadfastness.”

Today, the Fund also offers several scholarships for Palestinians to study abroad, including Palestinian students living in Israel. Mr. Mnayer said that the fund has provided nearly 10.000 scholarships for Palestinian students.

I agree that scholarships are especially important for the future of young Palestinians because increased education will help them make changes in their communities when they return.

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