Palestinian Journalists Visit the White House

It was amazing when we saw it far away between trees, and just trying to capture photos like other people. Then, we were inside the wall, here where the U.S and other part of the world policies made.

Here is the official residence and workplace of the President of the United States.  ”It was amazing to see the places where we used to see on TV,” Anas Asbar, my colleague, commented. The name probably came after the burning of Washington D.C. by the British army in 1811. During the rebuilding they used white paint to cover the burn damage.

The most interesting thing  was seeing “the room where all the press conference  happened, and how they work  and operate and respond to feedback”,  Farah Alalloul, our colleague, added.

For the first time we could see the place were American officials make their statements and the big media agencies gather to cover events daily. As my colleague Omar Graeib said, ” it was a dream, but today it came true.”

I think it was a big opportunity that we were able to visit the house of the Americans, but at the same time, we were thinking about how  Israeli rockets were falling over our people, and crashing into our children’s bodies with the American blessing.

How would you describe the White House in one word?



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