Rodney Bent: Peace Lover

Rodney Bent  is a peace loving, dreamy and quiet character, who has devoted his life to spreading the concepts of peace and international justice.

Mr. Bent, the Director of the United Nations Information Centre in Washington, D.C., lives in Forester, Virginia.  He has 33 years of experience in the public and private sectors, serving most recently as a senior adviser to the United States Deputy Secretary of State. He still contributes to  solutions to international problems.

 From Mr. Bent’s point of view, there is a pressing need to understand each other’s perspectives. He tries to explain different sides,  whether to Americans, visitors from other countries or UN officials.

I agree with Mr. Bent that our different points of view shouldn’t affect international relations.

Perhaps many of the causes of conflict in the world return to the lack of acceptance and respect for the parties to privacy and their own opinions. This lack of understanding enhances the conflict and fuels it for decades.

I think that people must build their final position objectively. This position must be built on truth and a deep knowledge of  significant facts and details.

Perhaps the continued Israeli military aggression on the Gaza Strip is Israel’s insistence on naming its terms for a cease-fire, without listening to the Palestinian side and allowing them to name their terms.  That’s what makes us far from achieving the peace that Mr. Bent wishes to prevail in the Middle East area, in particular, and the world in general.

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