Asking Good Questions

The United Nations is a vital source of information for journalists and people all over the world, especially when it comes to a hot conflict area like Palestine. But how does the UN get information about the situation in Palestine and how does it share this news with others?
“The United Nations gathers information from various sources and publishes it via the website, radio and TV channels, conferences and press releases,” said Jim Landale, Information Officer with the Palestine, Decolonization and Human Rights Section.
The UN News service

The UN News service

Nizar Abboud (, Lebanese TV correspondent for Myadeen advises young Palestinians journalists not to be satisfied with local coverage and distribution. “You don’t have to be located here to follow up. you can visit websites and webcasts here in NY, Geneva and other places. A reporter from Gaza can follow and interact with reporters here at the UN.” Contact the UN Correspondents Association at

After becoming a non-member observer state at the United Nations, we Palestinians believe more than ever in the importance of accurate information and its deep impact on decision-makers. the UN is considered a strong and certified reference for information. It is important for journalists to learn the best methods for getting and sharing information about Palestine within the corridors of the United Nations.
The following report shows us how the United Nations has platforms and tools to cover events, gather information
Also you can follow UN News Centre for more details:

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