The sky is the limit

Image“My goal is to talk about Palestine away from politics and hot news,” says Sama Anfous, 24, from Ramallah, Palestine.

With a bright smile and a dynamic personality, Sama, or “Sky,” refuses to see limits. She has a clear view of what she wants to accomplish– to show people the richness of Palestinian culture.


Sama believes that when people around the world think of Palestine, they think only of war and conflict. She wants to show that there is way more to her country– people with big or small dreams, people living every day with a smile.

And soon, Sama will share her new film about the roots and significance of hummus, a traditional food in Palestine. Directing this film is part of her goal to to show stories about Palestine that are funny, dynamic, and real …. just like her.  Sama has  been in many places around the world and visited several states in USA, but it is her first time in New York city, and she feels this is a great opportunity to learn more about diverse cultures around the globe.

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