Me & the New Yorker Dogs!

“Oh my God! A huge one is coming here, Good-Bye!”    Sima Hamouri, 23

Sima is really afraid of dogs! And she’s surprised by the huge amount of dogs in the streets of New York. Where she comes from, dogs in the streets can be aggressive and dangerous.Image

The young Palestinian media coordinator who works for the community organizationm “Sareyyet Ramallah,”  is now in New York city for the DPI training for Palestinian Journalists at the UN. Sima expected to see many things in New York, such as the huge number of cars, the wide variety of people from different regions in the world, and of course the huge buildings. However she didn’t expect to see so many dogs!

Sima’s happy that she will learn many things in New York, such as how to be independent, more confident in herself, and  how to be more accurate in the matter of time. She hopes that part of her new confidence will include  getting over her fear of dogs. She’s very interested in this big non-sleeping city and what it has to teach her!


By: Mustafa Bader

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