Not What He Expected

I had an impression that people in NewYork are dangerous and evil, like how I’ve seen them in movies like  ‘Gangs of NY’; but i was surprised that they are really good and helpful people.”

With those words Mustafa started his first days at the United Nations building, Mustafa Bader a photojournalist from Palestine is here in New York to participate in DPI training program for Palestinian journalists. It is a dream for him to be in the States and especially in this program,to learn media and tech skills, as he develops his work as a photojournalist.

Mustafa is an ambitious guy. He’s determined to help change problems in his country. He expected to face difficulties with the people in NYC, he thought they would treat him badly and he wouldn’t be comfortable, but what happened is the opposite. New York has impressed him with the awesome buildings, good infrastructure, the variety of nationalities, and the helpful people.

Portrait PictureDocumentary Picture

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