Firing Zone


By|Mustafa Bader

In the Southern Hills of Hebron, were you can see the wide Naqab Desert sweeping across the horizon, you can find  small Bedouin villages resisting displacement.

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In spite of living in one of these areas, which are considered to have one of the lowest annual rainfall averages in the West Bank,(1)  the Palestinian Bedouins struggle to stay on their land even with constant attempts to drive them out, like destroying their wells, and by continuous demolition of their houses & tents.

Click of Download the Flash File

Click of Download the Flash File

 Many international organizations, the European Union & the U.N. have pressed  the Israeli government to allow the building of electrical facilities in that area,(2) but it’s still not enough.

Photos By: Mustafa Bader & Oren Ziv/ ActiveStills.


(1)   2013,”Rainfall in Palestine”, Wafa (Online).


(2)   2013,”Massafer Yatta Case Study”, OCHA (Online).


(3)   2013, “Firing Zone 918”, Bet Selem (Online).



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