By: Sama (Zeriea) Anfous, Sima AlHamouri, Fadi Ghattas, Samar Zananiri 

“We love sports and music, we’re cultured, we love life.”

Mohammad Assaf, 23, Khan Yunis Camp. First UNRWA Regional Youth Ambassador

Khan Yunis Camp – Gaza Strip, Palestine

Almost 5 million registered Palestinian refugees have lived six decades in overcrowded areas with running sewage water in main streets, poverty, and continuous shortages of fuel, electricity and basic supplies.

Despite all of this, in 2012 the Palestinian youth had the highest percentage of literacy in the Arab region. They even hold four Guinness World Records! The latest record was for Eqbal Asa’d, a Palestinian refugee who became the youngest medical student in the world at age 14.

Last week we spoke to Mohammad Assaf, 23, of Gaza, recently named the first UNRWA Regional Youth Ambassador. Check out his story in the film below.

9 responses to “HOME AWAY FROM HOME

  1. All the best for our idol and ambassador Mr. Mohammed Assaf. We are very proud of him as he has become an epitome of determination and success. Nowadays the youth in the Arabic world see in him an example to be followed. Since he managed to overcome all the obstacles that encountered him in his way to glory and fame. Sofiane from Algeria.

  2. Mohammed Assaf in just a short has become a legend,he is our hero and our dream of freedom,he is the role model of all youth,because he has proved to the entire world that Palestine have talented youth, and yeh!yes we can,Mohammed Assaf you are my idol

  3. As Palstine and as a refuge all what I heard about my mother country Palestine is war and killing because of occupation of Israel
    Thank you assaf because of you our youth khow that they can make it one day and they can achieve there goals you made millions of Palestine refugees around the globe happy and proud

  4. Indeed , Mohammed Assaf inspires us the most , he is not one normal singer but an example to both kids and adults in making there dreams come true not only Palestinians and refugees but to all the people living World-Wide. He is a true inspiration to me , Looking forward in meeting this awesome man, God bless him always,

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