Abdulrahman: Realities of Journalism in Gaza


“When the Israeli Army attacked Gaza on June 2014, everyday, before 5pm, I had to leave my work in front of  at AL-Shifaa Hospital, and go back to my home because it gets dark and dangerous , there is no electricity, and the bombs hits everywhere.”

Abdulrahman Murad, 24, a Palestinian journalist from Gaza strip, studied English Literature, but decided to pursue journalism in order to share stories from Gaza with the world.

There are many challenges for journalists living in Gaza. During the 2014 bombing by Israeli forces “there was no electricity, and no access to the Internet to contact with people and post your news and stories, ” explains Murad.  It was especially dangerous for him to cover local stories last summer, when air strikes were numerous and unpredictable.

Murad added that there are so many stories in Gaza that need to be covered. He advises journalists to study foreign audiences in order to create stories that will fit with their interests and increase their awareness of Palestinian issues. He believes this is one of the most effective ways to work toward international sympathy and justice for the people of Gaza

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