Bodour: Volunteer to Journalist


“Farah was one of 22 other kids that had renal failure in my area in Gaza. I met her seven years ago, when I was volunteering with kids at Alrantisi hospital at Alnaser neighberhood in Gaza city. She had golden hair and was wearing her school uniform waiting to get her treatment, wishing that it won’t take much so she can go back to school. But because she had to wait in line and go through the process of that treatment, she never did!”

Bodour Abu Kwaik, 25, first decided to study journalism to help spread the word about Farah and other children with renal failure, who spent their days waiting for medical treatment, rather than attending school. There is an ongoing shortage of medical facilities and equipment in Gaza which leads to long wait times for basic treatment.

“But the challenge was, how to reach the people who can make a decision to help these children” Bodour said. She decide that writing about Farah and her friends was the only way to help them.

Bodour now works as The Content Editor at Islamic Relief. She wants to continue improving her writing skills, focusing on human affairs, and especially the right to education for children worldwide.

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