Malak: Reporting from the Street

malak 1“When you go to the streets you are able to sense what’s going on,” says Malak Hasan, 25, explaining her passion for reporting.

Malak worked for five years as a reporter before being promoted to manager of the English language department website of the Palestinian News and Information Agency, WAFA. Now instead of reporting from the streets, she usually sits at her desk, collecting and translating news articles from Arabic to English and editing content for the website.

One day she was reading a story about a Palestinian man who had filed a lawsuit against an Israeli settler for stealing his land and she realized she needed more information to tell the story.  “I  felt I can’t translate the news as it is but I needed to go there and talk to him personally just to know exactly what kind of struggle was he going though,” said Malak.  “It was really an inspiring interview because we don’t really hear too much about Palestinians filing law suits against settlers.” 

Now, whenever Malak can, she  picks her camera and goes down to the street to hear from people, recognizing how important it is to connect with her subjects. “I can’t be objective when writing these kinds of stories, because I put myself in people’s place and  I fell that their stories are mine.” says Malak.

Someday, Malak would like to train young Palestinian journalists to report in English. She feels that local universities should increase programming in English journalism in order to better communicate with the rest of the world.





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