Zeinab: An intifada-Inspired journalist

IMG_3394Living through the events of the 2000 Intifada in Palestine inspired Zeinab Al-Teibi, 25, a  television producer with Al-Falastinya TV, to pursue a career journalism.

“The [Israeli] military tanks stationed frequently on the vicinity of my school and my inability to regularly attend classes were enough reasons that moved me to be a journalist,” said Zeinab. Zeinab was also deeply affected when the Israeli forces arrested her cousin because of his participation in peaceful demonstrations against the Annexation Wall in the West Bank and the illegal settlement building.She looked up to the local Al Jazeera TV correspondent Shireen Abu Aqelah who reported on these events.

During that time some family friends visited from the UK and they saw a Palestinian home being demolished by Israeli authorities. They were shocked by the situation in the West Bank.  Zeinab realized that the media in the UK and other Western countries wasn’t covering Palestinian issues. She became determined to be a journalist and share stories from Palestine with the rest of the world.




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