At the UN, Women on the Rise

By: Malak Hasan and Shadi Sader

Only one out of five parliamentarians worldwide is female. Day after day, women around the world are fighting for and winning their natural rights, and the United Nations is keeping pace with the battle. The third of the  UN’s eight millennium development goals is to promote gender equality and increase the empowerment of women worldwide by 2014.

Reem Abaza has worked with UN Arabic Radio for seven years. Her main interest is covering humanitarian news stories.

In an effort to achieve this goal, the UN has increased the number of women employed within its headquarters and peace keeping missions abroad. Reem Abaza of UN Arabic Radio says that supporting women is extremely important because it means supporting entire families.

A significant rise in the number of women employed with the United Nations took place since 2007 throughout 2011, shows UN Secretary-General report.

A significant rise in the number of women employed by the UN took 2007-2011, shows UN Secretary-General report.






Abaza lives in New Jersey, but comes from an Arab-Egyptian background. She feels that working for UN Radio is a unique opportunity because the station not only highlights the achievements of the UN, but also helps spread information about the lack of proper living standards for many worldwide. She hopes that this type of communication can contribute to change for the better.

UN Arabic Radio covers many stories but gives particular attention to women in crises around the world. Not only does the UN call for equal rights, but it also strives to treat women equally within the UN system. Abaza affirmed that the number of women employed by the UN Arabic Radio is on the rise, with almost 50% women in her unit alone.

*Download the World’s Women 2010 report for more information.

3 responses to “At the UN, Women on the Rise

  1. Incredible. I had no idea that so many women had been appointed head of peacekeeping missions. That is a critical barrier to have been broken.

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