Rana Abu Farha: Mama Journalist


Rana Abu Farha

Mornings are hectic, Rana tells us. “I am a mother of two children I wake up at 6:00 am every day. I prepare my children to go to school. Then, I prepare myself and if I have a program that day I go to the hairdresser and prepare for my episode.”

Rana is a journalist, TV presenter and producer, and also a mother of two young children. She tries hard to balance her home and work lives, waling up early every day to prepare her children for school, cook and prepare for her program. But she believes her work is important and that it is worth the struggle. “I’m so glad that I’m a journalist,” she says.  “I’m so relieved that my life took me in this direction. Because the best thing about it is that I can communicate what is happening to people in Palestine.”


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