Riham Kousa: Another Way of Being Palestinian

Riham Kousa, a Palestinian Syrian journalist based in Germany, has been questioning her identity for years. Although she has never been to Palestine, she was treated as a Palestinian in Syria. Now in Berlin, her German friends and colleagues think of her as a Syrian refugee.IMG_0046

Riham remembers that as a little girl her parents encouraged her to sing Al-Intifada songs about the Palestinian uprising. She grew up hearing about her Palestinian heritage. But today, she identifies more with the Syrian life she lived than with the culture she has only heard about from her family. Riham herself doesn’t feel as fully Palestinian as those who live in their homeland. “I feel sad,” she says, “I am a Palestinian and I have stereotypes about Palestine! I have never been there.” Riham believes that her identity crisis subconsciously lead her to choose journalism as a career.

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