Habib Joudeh: The Palestinian American Dream

By Osama Awwad – Mohammad Al-Azza- Rana AlRishmawi
12398918_10153128441082167_623380038_nWhen Palestinian photojournalist Mohammed Al-Azza ducked into a pharmacy in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, he he didn’t expect to stay long. But then he heard the owner, Habib Joudeh, speaking his native Arabic and decided to strike up a conversation.  The last thing Mohammed expected was to discover someone from his Bethlehem neighborhood so far from home.
Born in Bethlehem in 1953, Habib has lived in Brooklyn for almost three decades. He and his wife have raised three children as Palestinian Americans and worked hard to build businesses and develop community in their diverse Brooklyn neighborhood.
But when Habib speaks of home he speaks longingly of his old house in Bethlehem with its lush gardens and fragrant olive trees. He’d like to return one day, but it’s not easy for Palestinians who have lived abroad to return to their homeland. Listen to his story in our short documentary below.
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 10.18.56 PM

Director’s Notes: Setting the Scene





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