To continue to provide assistance to the Palestinian people in the field of
media development, in particular to strengthen the annual training programme for Palestinian broadcasters and journalists. 

–General Assembly Resolution 65/15

Sticking Together: Palestinian photojournalists move in groups to support each other in the West Bank city of Ramallah. Journalists from Palestine work under extreme conditions, but they also have a unique opportunity to improve and authenticate local and international media coverage on the region, especially in the digital media landscape.

10792410606_d8d94f12bc_kDigital journalism today requires a range of technical media skills, reaching out to audiences over a variety of platforms, but the fundamentals of journalism are more important than ever.  Audience engagement, storytelling techniques and solid research methods are necessary to keep the attention and trust of an international audience. This multimedia training programme focuses not only on technical audiovisual and digital skills, but also explores the crucial fundamentals of journalism as the basis of exceptional media.


IMG_8265Participants in this hands on training will practice and demonstrate skills by completing and publishing a series of multimedia reporting assignments on this website. We invite you to explore their work and join the conversation!

Meet the course facilitators and find out more about their work at thedigitalcanopy.net.


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