2011 Programme

Amr J. Othman Nasser

I was born in Jerusalem in 1976 and now live in Ezarieh (Bethany), to the east of Jerusalem.  I am the Director of International Relations, Ministry of Detainees & Ex-Detainees Affairs in Ramallah. I also lecture at the “Alquds University,” School of Arts, in Abu Dis, Political Science Department.  I believe that free press is a sign of a free society, not plagued by tyranny, and not mislead by government employees disguised as journalists. Free press is not present enough in today’s world though, even in places you would expect it to be.

Yousef Alhelou

I live and work in Gaza City as a TV and radio correspondent for various international media outlets. I’ve produced over 2000 TV reports. Since I’m based in a war-zone I have covered important issues such as the 22-day Israeli offensive on Gaza, arrival of siege-breaking land and sea convoys and voyages as well as the prisoner exchange deal.

I believe media is a very effective tool to convey the message and cover stories that matter to our world especially human rights violations, poverty, development and democracy. I feel it’s my duty as a journalist to be the voice of the voiceless for the Palestinian people who have been suffering under Israeli occupation, struggling for self-determination and aspire for freedom.

Rafa Musmar

I live in Ramallah and have a MA in Democracy and Human Rights. I worked with the Palestinian Prime Minister’s office in Protocol and Media for five years. I now work as a journalist and human rights activist.  I believe that free press in the world and especially in Palestine will be the main tool for ending Israeli occupation and maintaining human rights in Palestine. Freedom of expression will lead the youth in my country to think more creatively. It will release the women of Palestine from the the cage of taboos and traditions.

Razan Malash

I am from Bethlehem where I’ve worked as a news reporter for four years. I have a MA in International Studies and will now travel to Turkey to complete a PhD in Diplomatic Studies. I love working as a journalist especially in social media.  I strongly believe that there are no frontiers for ideas in the boundless world we live in. I want my ideas to come up to the international standards and to take all the best from all the world cultures.

Zahia Al Zaeem

I was born in Gaza City, but now live in Ramallah. I work as a news anchor and reporter for Palestine Broadcasting Corporation PBC. I have also worked as a news anchor for Al Shabab Radio station and for various human rights NGOs. I have a professional diploma in journalism from CFI in Paris, and another diploma in Development Projects Management.  I believe that journalism can make a positive change in peoples’ lives if it’s free, objective and honest.

Hazem Balousha

I live in Gaza City and work as journalist for The Guardian and foreign media outlets including the Daily Telegraph, Frankfurter Allgemeine of Berlin, CBC of Canada. I am also Board Chairman of Palestinian Institute for Communication and Development (PICD), an NGO specializing in media and freedom of expression.  I believe that free press is important, not only in Palestine, but everywhere.

Hiba Abo Fkheideh

I live in Ramallah and work as a journalist for the Ministry of Interior in the Public Relations and Media Department.  I believe in the concept of the Palestinian media, an investment of all media and communication in the direction of serving the Palestinian cause. It can employ public opinion and apply constant pressure on the leaders and organized actors in the political decision-making process.

Saleh Karbak

I’m from Gaza and I have a BA in Business Management and a one year diploma in film making. I have worked in the media field for 10 years, as a Graphic Designer and video editor for many Palestinian filmmakers. I also work for TVIBIT, a youth media NGO.  As a filmmaker, I am interested in taking good shots that tell a story.

Aya Mohammed Al Assar

I am a journalist in the Gaza strip. I began my journalism career with Ramattan News Agency and have worked as a news editor for local radio. I’ve also worked for various humanitarian organizations in Gaza, including Community Media Center, where I’ve monitored violations against journalists.


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