2012 Programme

Salsabil Abu Mayyaleh

IMG_9241Salsabil Abu Mayyaleh wants to support the people in her occupied country by writing deeply. She is a young Palestinian journalist living in Ramallah in the West Bank who recently began to work as an editor in a Palestinian news website called shasha.ps. Salsabil wants to find ways to help people in poverty in Palestine and around the world. While in NYC, she wants to learn more about the UN, its agencies and how they work in order to share that information in her reporting.

Samar Al Dreamly

IMG_9242Samar Al Dreamly chooses to write about Palestinian women because she believes they are vulnerable. She  began her career as a media coordinator and is now the editor of Al  -Giydaa magazine on women’s affairs, but it was the actions of men that pushed her into the world of journalism– her home is occupied and she wants to share the truth with the world. In New York,  Samar hopes to improve her social media skills and to learn more about how international journalists interview officials.

Farah Aloul

IMG_9250“I need a job that has value, that’s why I’ve returned to the field of journalism after I had worked in business field for many years,” says Farah Aloul. Farah lives in Ramallah and works as an editor at the electronic news agency “Alquds.com.” Farah had to move to Ramallah, away from  her home with her husband in Jerusalem, because Israeli checkpoints were impeding her commute to work. Farah wants to learn new technical skills to help her share human rights issues with a broader audience.

Anas Al Sabbar

IMG_9239Anas Al Sabbar does it all, following his childhood dream to report, edit, and produce the news.  Anas is from Hebron in Southern Palestine and he currently works for Maan News Agency, specializing in local news and sports. Like many Palestinian journalists, Anas has to work with limited resources at home, both financial and technical. He hopes to expand his digital and social media skills while at the UN, in order to better deliver information, especially to the younger generation.

Hala  El Alami

IMG_9249Hala  El Alami  wants  to use her voice to tell untold stories .  A young Palestinian woman working in the social media department of Al Fakhoora , education rights organization in Gaza city, she has  also worked as a local correspondent. She says that she sympathizes so strongly with her subjects that she struggles to find best way to tell their stories.  By learning new technical skills while in NYC she hopes to use social media to create and promote campaigns on education rights for Palestinians.

Bilal Ghaith

IMG_9246As a journalist, Bilal Ghaith wants to know Palestine inside out. From Jerusalem, Bilal works at WAFA, a local Palestinian news agency as an economics reporter and editor. He doesn’t have the time or resources to pursue investigative journalism in Palestine because reporters are overwhelmed with breaking news. He is looking forward to gaining new UN contacts, and learning more about how International  media organizations function in order to pursue his investigative goals.

Omar Ghraieb

IMG_9237I believe that everybody has a voice and has the right to express it one way or another,” says Omar Ghraieb. He lives in the Gaza Strip and works as a freelance journalist and social media practitioner. When he was 10 years old, Omar lost his mother and he chose Journalism as a way to express his emotions and connect with others. During his time in NYC he wants to learn new social media skills and share new communication tools with Gazan youth who have few opportunities to leave their country.

Khaled Safi

IMG_9243Khaled Safi was inspired by personal love and loss to use his Information Technology (IT) skills as a journalist.He lives and works in Gaza and gives courses in media.The lack of freedom of movement for Palestinians triggered his desire to infuse his IT experience into media and talk about life in Palestine. He hopes to increase his knowledge of multimedia so he can go back to Gaza and share his experiences as an international trainer.
Khaled Safi on Twitter: @KhaledSafi

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