Journalists 2013


Mussa, Samar, Fadi, Mustafa, Maram, Sima, Sama

Sima Al-Hamouri:  Always Have a Dream (@sima10790)


When I was young, I dreamed of being an actress, living and presenting many different characters. Life sent me in another direction, the field of journalism, but I am still feeling the lives of real people, showing their stories and sacrifices. I live in Ramallah and work as a media coordinator for a community organization, “Sareyyet Ramallah,” that has activities such as sports, scouting and arts. I’m also interested in sports photography as sports are so important to my life–I play basketball.  I want to learn how to make my subjects feel comfortable and trust me so that they’ll share their experiences.

Mustafa Bader: Be Creative or Die!  (@misthebest4)Mustafa A. Bader

It’s a matter of creativity & discipline, that’s how I like to describe it. After receiving my B.A. in graphic design and M.A. in media, I am determined to raise the standards of Palestinian media by including sophisticated graphic & visual elements. I’m just getting started, but I want to report more on conflict areas, hoping to reach people’s hearts with my productions. I’m looking forward in this DPI training to developing my skills in new multimedia technologies. I want to use these skills to promote Palestinian journalism and bring it in line with international media.

Fadi: I have a dream  (@FadiEGhattas)

Fadi GhattasHosting entertainment shows and singing are the things I like to do most. I am from Bethlehem, where I studied Radio and TV at Birziet University, and where I am a presenter for Radio Orient.  I don’t like to talk about the many painful aspects of life in Palestine. Instead, I like to tell stories about hope. I am the project coordinator for the Arab Women’s Rights and Media Project and one day I hope to have my own unique show on MBC. I hope this training will strengthen my digital media skills and I am so happy that we will also tour many American Institutions.

Yazan Mohammed: Making The Most Of It (@yazanfares)Yazan

My life has always been like a soccer or football match– a “last minute call.” For example, getting here for this training was a last minute call. Just as I tell my listeners on my radio show back home, you have to make the most of every situation. I’m hoping that this course will give me the tools to improve the media in Palestine. I am especially interested in using digital platforms to report on social and                                                          environmental issues.

Mussa Qawasma : I just can’t stop doing it (@MussaQawasma)

Mussa QawasmaEven though my mother keeps asking me to change my job for my own safety, I can’t think about another place on Earth that needs journalists as much my homeland of Palestine. I am from Hebron city and I work as a photojournalist for Reuters agency and editor of a professional sport photography website. Palestine is not only about blood and pain, there are many positive stories to tell. I hope to gain skills in order to make these stories attractive and teach others to do the same.

Maram Salim : Life, Love and Death (@maramsalim )Maram Salim

Soldiers shot toward our legs when we were kids. 10 years after, they killed a journalist friend. As a presenter at Radio Alam in Hebron I believe that I need to work for human rights. Life, love, and death. But it is hard for me as a young journalist to be objective when I have such strong feelings.  Is it ok to let my feelings affect my work?  I hope this training will help me to find the answer.

Samar Zananiri:  Bedtime Stories (@samarzananiri)
Samar Zananiri I never knew that Dad’s bedtime stories would lead to my future career as a storyteller. A producer at Thomson Reuters in Jerusalem, I am writing stories, happy and sad. Becoming a storyteller, or a journalist, in Jerusalem comes with a price. When I am stuck between the Israeli-Palestinian chapters, I end up lacking freedom of speech. Therefore, I hope to embrace new methods of storytelling, and the credibility provided by this workshop, in order to tell my stories as truthfully as I can.

Sama (Anfous) Zeriea:  The Sky is My Limit (@samapalestina)Sama (Anfous) Zeriea

I am so much more than a cook. As a Palestinian lady, born and raised in Saudi Arabia, I have always tried to jump out of the box and defy stereotypes about Arabs, and specifically Palestinian women. After settling down back in my home country, I found that I can promote change by making films about voiceless people in my community. This is my main reason for studying mass media. Here at the UN, I want to exchange experiences with my colleagues and learn journalism skills from different cultures.


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